Friday, August 24, 2012

Breath, Dogpatch Style

For days I have sat at our computer desk and smelled an odd smell.  Not good, but not terrible.  Not findable either.

Today I was in the kitchen, and pulled the beater out of the cupboard and smelled that odd smell again.  Only more potent.  

I immediately flashed to the vent that is in the wall, connecting my cupboard and my computer desk in a smell, sound, and sight way, and thought, oh this is not going to be good.

I called my husband out to investigate (because it was that bad) and he got down to sniff the cupboard.  His determination?

It smells like hillbilly breath.

Not sure when he became that acquainted with a hillbilly, but he insisted that is exactly what the smell was.

But he cleaned out the cupboard of it's onions and potatoes (some, I'm ashamed to say were in liquid form) and he threw them away outside and I stood in the kitchen kind of gasping for fresh air.  

My husband has always said we aren't too far removed from hillbillies, and based on the taste that lingers in the back of my throat and my nose, I'm guessing if someone were to have an unfortunate encounter with me, they'd smell hillbilly breath.

It's not me, I swear.  It's the cupboard.


  1. Hmm, I wonder. Manybe the smell I can't seem to locate could be the veg rack...I'll chack that one. Thanks!!

  2. HA! Rotting onions are the worst. Years ago, we had a bad stink in the living room and finally found a box of once frozen broccoli behind the sofa. Our 2 yr. old had pulled it out of the freezer (which was a drawer pull-out on the bottom of the 'frige) and tossed it back there. It was prob. there 2 months before we found it!