Friday, August 3, 2012

The Sweetest Thing.....

The sweetest thing that happened to me today, the sweetest, nicest, kindest, bestest thing that happened today, was the dishes were done when I got home from work.

My guy is on a roll!  First, the remote control was mine last night, and now today, I came home to a clean kitchen!

It has struck me that it is the little things, the every day things, the filled up gas tank or the sack lunch packed, that have made our days so much better.  I do not need to be whisked to Paris, France for love and enchantment.  All I need is a moment in our day to quietly hold his hand, and I am romanced.

This post inspired by today's prompt at August NaBloPoMo.


  1. What a great reminder that the little things count!

  2. Sometimes it's the little things that speak the loudest!!!


  3. Wow, the dishes were done! The little things make for a happy life, you can have all the romantic gestures in the world but the dishes always seem to mean more!

    Does he give lessons???