Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Only Time I Don't Resist Ice Cream

My husband is wild about ice cream.  He loves it.  Given a choice of treats, he wants ice cream.  I want cookies or cake or brownies or just about anything but ice cream.

Not sure why, because I do like it.  I have a favorite (Tillamook Mudslide) and I really do enjoy it.

But I usually am the voice of reason when my husband wants to run down to the store for ice cream.  There are so many reasons why we don't need it, why we shouldn't have it, why we're better off without it....

Today provided the only reason why I don't raise any objections.

It is Hot.

And nothing sounds better than putting my feet up, and enjoying a cold bowl of ice cream.  My husband was gone in seconds after I said yes to ice cream!  


  1. That's the best reason of all!

  2. Yeah .. I'm thinking there will be a trip to the store for the very same thing.

  3. One of my absolute best childhood memories was when I spent an August heatwave at my aunt's house the summer I turned 11. It was too hot for real food and we had ice cream for breakfast and lunch every day. We also ate frozen french fries and onion rings right out of the freezer, but that memory is maybe not quite as good as the ice cream one... ;)