Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday's Favorite

I am not quite like my daughter, in her severe dislike of used silverware or cups or anything she might eat food off of, but I do find some things I pick up thrifting slightly suspect, a little gross even.

When I found this little wire frame vanity stool, I could barely stand to touch it because of the green cloth covering it.  It was dirty and made my skin crawl.  But for $4, I thought it was a good deal, and I knew exactly what vintage piece of fabric I was going to use to recover it.

I took it home and after gearing myself up to the ordeal of touching that fabric, I proceeded to unscrew and unstaple.  As I was pulling the staples out, it was clear that it had more fabric underneath the green.  That just  would mean more staples to pull!

As I pulled the last staple of the green cover, I spread it opened, and prepared to turn over the brown covered seat to see what was so awful that someone had to use that ugly green stuff to hide it.  I said to my daughter, "I'm scared!" and she laughed.

I turned it over and gasped.  I was not expecting to see this hand painted loveliness!

It is beautiful!  I guess I'll save that vintage fabric for a different project.  This chair is perfect just as it is.


  1. I often feel the same way about thrift store items--I sometimes don't even like to touch the books! Your chair looks like a great find!

  2. What a happy surprise! That's so cool. And for only $4 bucks? You scored.

  3. Hidden treasures . . . sometimes taking a risk is worth it!

  4. What a gorgeous little surprise :-)

  5. It's adorable. Almost makes me wish I were motivated enough to do the thrift store thing. ;)