Sunday, August 12, 2012

Last Week Of Waiting

Seventeen years ago this week, I was starting the last week countdown until I would have a baby.  I had no idea...this first baby was due Aug 26 and everyone says first babies are late and I just assumed I had weeks to go still.

So I spent this last week doing nothing to get ready.  I had zero nesting impulses.  The crib was in pieces, baby things were jumbled all over baby's room.  I had packed a sour grape sucker and a book (a book I tells ya!) in my "going to the hospital" bag.  I'm still not sure why I packed a book for labor and I never ate the sucker!

The only thing ready for the impending surprise birth was my heart and my arms.  My arms to hold and to rock and my heart to love like I had never loved before.

It was over a month after our son was born before his crib was put together.  Turns out tiny newborns are okay with tiny bassinets that fit just right next to Mommy's bed.  Being perfectly ready is overrated anyway, I'm sure!


  1. I agree that being perfectly ready is overrated. But I'll probably never know :-)

    Hope your son has a great birthday!

  2. If you had been perfectly ready he would have kept you waiting! (happend to me twice, preparedness is overrated!)

    Birthday wishes to him!

  3. I was an early baby ... parents weren't ready either. I can vouch for unpreparedness being just downright fine. (:

    Happy Birthday!

  4. i had nothing ready for my firstborn--i was too worried he wouldn't make it here okay---happy birthday to your son--my youngest is 17 also :)