Friday, March 8, 2013

Quick Change Artist

I did not know I was a quick change artist.  I mean, I have been known to slip yoga pants on under a skirt and take the skirt off so I could go hiking.  And I guess in my younger days I did quite a few pants to shorts and back again changes in the car.  But nothing made me feel quite as quick and changeful and sly as the quick change I did yesterday at work.

It's that season again, where I'm ready to put away the tights, but it's not warm enough for that, and my legs are too pale for that, and I'm really on the last legs of my tights wardrobe but the stores aren't stocking the colors I really want (black and brown) because spring is just around the corner, so I'm stuck with purple and green and blue and thick cable knits that remind me of childhood and I'm just trying to get them to cross the warm weather finish line with me.

So of course, one of my most comfortable pair decided yesterday that they were done for and popped a hole and ran a run and I all I could think was it was only one hour into my work day.  By the end of the day this run would be from toe to hip and I didn't want to loose another pair of tights.

Casually I dabbed some clear polish on the offending areas, and after it dried, I excused myself to the restroom, where I took them off, turned them around, and put them back on, run successfully hidden.  I'd gone into the restroom dragging my feet and feeling awkwardly obvious with a run.....I emerged a new person, new life in my old workhorse tights, ready to face the rest of the day.

I sat back down at my desk, grinning.  I'm a quick change artist!  No one is the wiser that I'm wearing backwards tights!  And if this is all it takes to make my day 100% better, I might need a day off.....

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  1. It's amazing the way the little things can make such a big difference--I often wonder what that says about the state of my life/mind, too. :)

  2. We do what we have to do, huh? And you should be grateful that it doesn't take much to make you happy :)

  3. I found a hole in one of my favorite pairs too.. I was so disappointed! Teach me thy ways Quick Change Artist!

    Thanks for linking up! :D