Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blue Screen Of Death

The blue screen of death is a funny punchline to computer jokes, that is, until the blue screen of death is the only screen that your computer can show.

Then it isn't funny and suddenly you are aware of how much time, how much of your life, is tied up in this electronic wonder.

So it's off to the store to buy a new one, because between work and school, this family uses our computer all the time, and to be without it is to be lost.  It's not just facebook and blogging, it's business spreadsheets and scholarly papers and while we can go 3 blocks over to the library, the ease of having our own pc is so much nicer.

And now I've got to leave this newly plugged in beauty, with it's huge brilliant screen and clean keyboard and hope that my suggestion to not eat or drink at the computer will be heeded while I am gone.

I know that prompt will only last a day or two, but I'm going to enjoy it while it does!


  1. Almost nothing better than a new computer! Enjoy :)

  2. I am always a little bit appalled by how much we all use the computer when it is suddenly out of commission.

    But a new computer... so fun. Enjoy!

  3. As someone who recently spent two hours popping keys off of the keyboard and soaking them in water and blowing them dry all in hopes of being able to remove enough Mountain Dew residue (residew?) so that some day I might be able to use the t, h, b, and shift keys and the space bar again, I am rooting for your success in keeping food and drinks away from the new computer. :)