Monday, March 18, 2013

Candy Philosophy

My sister and I recently made note of how different we are in relation to Cadbury mini eggs.  Yes, we love them.  Yes, we buy bags every year....bags and bags and fill our kids Easter baskets and our own with those delicious candy coated chocolates.  But I can keep my bag around for weeks, slowly parcelling out a few eggs as my treat need arises.  She says she can't: if the bag is there, it is actively being eaten.

I recently finished my stash of Halloween candy.  Yes, it's March.  Worse, it was a full size candy bar that I would take nibble sized bites off of and then wrap it back up and put it back in my dresser.

I can make my candy last because I hid it from my family.  That doesn't make me a bad member of the family....just an experienced one!  Now the question is: do I currently have a bag of chocolates stashed away somewhere?

I'll never tell!


  1. I'm like your sister: if the bag is open, I inhale it!

    I'm willing to bet you have some chocolate somewhere. ☺

  2. I can't stand Cadbury eggs! I never buy them at Easter but instead by (and hide) bags of jelly beans. The boys found my secret stash this year so it has already been eaten. But even without their help it would only last a few days!