Friday, March 29, 2013

Anti-Aging Magic

I have fallen prey to the hype of expensive super moisturizer.  The kind that has 7 wonder powers in one tiny not-going-to-last-long-how-much-did-I pay-for-this bottle.

Have I noticed a difference?

Not really.

Yet I faithfully slather it on and in response to my husband's query as to why I'm doing that when I don't look  "old" (thanks babe!) I say I'm being pro-active against future wrinkles.

Even if it's all a bunch of anti-aging hooey I do like how my soft my skin feels.  Worth the sticker shock?  Maybe!  It will depend on how fast I go through it!


  1. For years I've used a cream that costs about £8 - £9, not as dear as some, but a couple of months back I bought a store's own face cream to try out - and boy did I feel the difference! My skin feels so much better with the more expensive cream - sigh!

  2. olay regenerist? I use it..have for years. Walmart has a generic of it that's much less expensive. I do like the way it makes my skin feel!

    Found you through the A2Z list!

  3. Hi. I tried to use that stuff. Unfortunately, I took too long in the bathroom. An hour in the mornings to get ready for the day is just not...done. Not with 5 others in the house. A2Z visitor here.