Monday, March 25, 2013

Taking Baby Steps

I've known from the moment I gave birth that part of my job (maybe the hardest part) was going to be letting go.  I had to equip my children with knowledge and strength and kindness and courage and help them find their feet and start to walk.

What I hadn't realized until this weekend is that I've been working on taking baby steps too.  It starts out pretty easy, with a sleepover at a friends house, until we've worked up to taking a weekend spring break trip out of state.

As I watched my son and his friends drive away on their much anticipated, exciting trip, I whispered to myself, "Baby steps, Mom, baby steps."

If I was just going to leap into this fall's college leave taking, without every having practiced letting go in baby steps, I'd probably belly flop spectacularly.  As my son has taken steps on his adventure to independence, I've taken steps on my way of letting him go.

I may have had a mental list that ticked off Mom heart facts, like he was only 6 hours away and if he needed us, we could be there in 5, but those are things I think Moms never stop thinking.  He came home, tired and happy and I loved listening to the stories of their trip.

Next up on this road of baby steps: Iceland.  I've got months still to practice walking.....I'm going to need them!


  1. I need to start thinking in terms of baby steps. My kids are only six and three, and already I'm feeling anxious.

  2. I think you are right - letting go may just be the hardest part of parenting. Even when they are little. My son wants to be left home alone (he's 10) but I told him we'll wait until he's 11 (or 12!) And he can take a course about staying home alone first. I am a nervous mom! I can just imagine having to send them off to college. :)

  3. You have totally backed up Joe's argument that I stop wishing away ages in favor of the next one. Suddenly, things ARE going way too fast. Thanks for the reminder!