Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Trials And Tribulations of Tights

I love to wear skirts. I wear them all year round: spring, summer, fall, winter. Around about October, I have to pull out the tights to keep my legs from freezing off, but it's worth it for the comfort of a well fitting skirt.

I like tights. I do! I even have a some of the thick, off white, cable knit ones of my childhood...but I have yet to figure out how to wear those with an outfit, and feel totally natural, and not like a 37 year old woman wearing little girlish tights.

But, tights don't last forever. I have better luck with them did I ever did with nylons, but they are still subject to runs, snags and holes.

Every spring, I launder the tights that have survived the winter and tuck them away for six months, without another thought for them, until one day I wake up and it's chilly and it suddenly seems less than classy to be walking around bare legged when people are pulling out scarfs and gloves.

Due to an increase in frugality on my part, I've been making due with my leftover tights, but yesterday I lost a third pair. I was at work when I got the hole in run, with no way to fix it, no nail polish to stop it up, no luck for keeping it hidden. Sigh. Sigh for my newest loss, sigh for the need of new tights, sigh for the fact that tights are expensive, sigh for the limited options of what to wear for today.

Because that is what this post is really all about today. I do not know what I'm going to wear to work and I have to 'make it work' with one of three tights options: black or gray argyle or brown with two runs in the toe and it's got to be the brown ones because my daughter is wearing my black shoes today.

Maybe this should actually be titled "The Trials And Tribulations Of Sharing Shoes With A Teenage Daughter" because the limited shoe option suddenly seems to be the bigger problem than a few old tights!

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  1. I saw tights at JoAnn's and I wanted to buy them. But I was at Joann's and I was like, "who buys tights here?!"