Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Lazy Day To Do List

It's a lazy kind of day, one in which I just want to recline on the couch, reading. But the reality of meandering dust bunnies tip toeing across the living room floor means I can't really relax.

So I will make short to do list, pick only the things that must be done so I can be right where I want to be: the couch.

1. wash dishes, clean kitchen

2. sweep and mop floors

3. one load of laundry mostly comprised of socks and underwear

4. kill this freaking fly that won't stay off of me!

First two things are done and done nicely. The third is just waiting for me to actually put into the washing machine. The fourth is not going as well. This fly is wily, quick, and a really good hider.

But 2.5 checked off is okay by me, and I think I'll just take a little reading break. With the fly swatter close by, just in case the fly doesn't understand that I will not abide it touching me any longer.

1 comment:

  1. I figured just sweeping the floors was good on a Sunday, let alone mop! Good job! I did sit outside and enjoy some sun while the boys ran around like wild animals.