Saturday, October 22, 2011

What Defines A Party

Last night, my kids hosted a party. My daughter would like to tell me it was not a party but I say it was. All told, we had 7 extra kids that went in and out, partaking of our hospitality.

My daughter said it was just a group of friends hanging out. A gathering of like minded individuals who enjoy a good music video and cheering on a live wrestling match (which seems to be the boys' favorite way to spend the hours of 11pm until.....they don't have the strength to grapple). It was not a party.

I beg to differ. A gathering turns into a party when I change my menu plan to feed a large number of teenagers and accommodate the vegetarian in the circle of friends (homemade mac and cheese to the rescue). It turns into a party when it's midnight and Dad is woken up by the noise from upstairs, and goes upstairs to say, "Chill Out," which apparently is the 2011 Cool Father's Version of "Knock It Off Now Before I Have To Yell."

But the defining moment that turns a group of friends casually hanging out into a party is the addition of ice cream. Ice cream is what defines a party.

Did we serve ice cream? You betcha.

It was a party! Of course we served ice cream!

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  1. I dropped Jack off at a birthday party and the mom had been making popcorn. Now I am craving it! Ice cream would work too!