Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Secret DVR Show

DVR has changed my life. No joke. I no longer have to stand in front of the half broke VCR and force a VHS tape in over and over and over, hoping that this time it will stay in, the machine will stay on and when I press 'record' a red light will start to blink.

It's allowed us to watch our favorite shows as a family, even if on Monday night Dad is at a concert or Thursday night the kids are swamped with homework. We'll just save that show to watch when we can all watch it.

And don't get me started on the joy of SNL! I'd never actually watched a whole episode because of that whole, pesky, needing to sleep thing....but now I don't have to rely on the internet or clip shows to get my SNL fix. DVR has made my life funnier!

But it has also allowed me to set up a recording for a show that I am mortally embarrassed to not want to miss. It's a show that makes me cringe with embarrassment (it would be less cringe worthy if he'd just cut his hair....isn't bald the new beautiful?), sometimes I can't even look at the TV because the intensity on their faces makes me feel sickish, and yet I can't stop watching.

It's Sister Wives and it's a show I think about way too much.

For awhile I was just catching it on reruns, or On Demand. But when I realized I was in time to start watching with the new season....well, I put a series recording on that baby and on Monday mornings I am giddy to watch it.

There is something about the lifestyle, the decision to share one man, to share a family, that super fascinates me. It probably stems from the fact that I can barely share my hubby with his bike club and I don't think I was designed to live with other women (and since I grew up with two sisters, I have some idea of what I'm talking about), so watching four women choose that kind of life, raising their kids together and loving one guy is just so unbelievably interesting!

When I consider all the shows out there for me to be obsessed with, this one isn't bad.

I could still be in my Toddlers and Tiaras faze.

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  1. Oh no! I was thinking it was going to be GH. I went through a stage where I DVR'd it every day. Sister Wives, I have not seen. But I understand the fascination, kind of like Hoarders, which I have been banned from watching!