Thursday, October 13, 2011

Decorating For Fall, Really?

The only time you see my decor and nick nacks and furniture arrangement change is when it is Christmas. I don't pull out BOO signs or cornucopias to decorate for fall.

Carving pumpkins is different, and honestly, I'm just in it for the roasted seeds afterwards, and not the decor enhancing aspect of craved pumpkins gracing our porch steps.

Fall is lovely enough, I don't need to bring out garlands of fake leaves and black cats wearing witches hats. I don't need to string up orange lights or stage scarecrows on the porch.

I've been listening to people talk about getting their fall decorations up, and isn't it exciting, and I don't get it. Really? Decorating for fall?

I think I lack this gene.

And I can't say I'm missing it.

1 comment:

  1. Jack has it. That is all he is talking about, when can we decorate, and all the things we need to put up around our house! I think I have a pumpkin candle somewhere!