Saturday, October 8, 2011

All I Need Is This

Concerts and I have an uneasy relationship.

I love going to hear my favorite bands, but everything leading up to it makes me slightly crazy.

Picking out my outfit, is of course, the most stressful part of the evening. I need to have something with pockets, but it also needs to be super comfortable, since I've got to be able to move and groove freely!

The pockets are the most important part because I do not believe in bringing a purse to a concert (or a coat either, so I usually pray that it's okay weather or a close parking spot). Especially when we go to a concert where it's standing room only....I don't want to be standing there with my big purse dragging my shoulder down.....bumping it into people.....never aware if it's being burgled....

All I need is my chapstick. And my ID. And some money. But that's it. That's all I need. And my cell phone, but that's really all I need. With the right pair of pockets, I can securely stash all of my needs and not have to worry as I dance the concert away.

I do have one other need, but this one will require forcing someone to go with me to the concert....I want someone to go to a concert with me who has ZERO desire to stand right in front of the stage, so close to the performers that you can feel the sweat flinging off them, so close you can make eye contact in a crazy stalker kind of way, so close you can see their wrinkles (and they can see yours).

That's really all I need: a fellow concert goer who wants to stand farther back!

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  1. Ha! I want to be in the back to watch everyone else! I definitely do not want to be close enough for eye contact!