Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finding Time For Me

Finding time for me sounds selfish because as a Mom, you don't really have time for me stuff, but time for me is so crucial to a happy Mom, it should be a weekly scheduled event, given as much respect and consideration as a New Simpsons Episode.

But when I'm doing my time for me time, who's going to wash the clothes or iron the shirts or do the grocery shopping? Or dust, sweep, and mop?

Yesterday I said to myself, "Self, yes, do some laundry. You need clean socks too, but between that, sit at your desk and work on last summers vacation scrapbook." and myself replied, "That is too perfect. I deserve a day off."

And then I proceeded to get laundry going, take the kids for flu shots and haircuts, hit the bank since I was out, wash dishes and clean house.

And no scrapbooking.

Today, I am determined to scrapbook. I will clear the shirts to be ironed off my desk chair, I will put away the folded sheets and towels and find places for that stack of books. I will dust off my desk (for reals, that desk is a dust magnet) and I will put on a movie and I will do something just for me.

At least, until someone knocks on my door asking for help.....What can I say? My Momness runs deep!

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