Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hand Towel Troubles

Over the last 18 plus years of marriage, my over abundance of newlywed towels has dwindled to the dregs. I have heard tales of people who get a new towel every morning to use after bathing. If we tried to do that, I'd be washing towels every two days, and on that second day, everyone would have to use a towel that is frayed, ripped, threadbare, or a combination of all three.

We might even be reduced to using the "dog" towels.

I don't have a plethora of towels, that's for sure, but I have enough.

But I have discovered the bathroom hand towels are being used for things that I will not name out loud, but suffice to say, I would not ever, ever, EVER use those towels on my hands again. No amount of hot water washing with a dash of bleach would ever make those towels usable again in my opinion. It's bad enough that I am aware of all the studies that let us know what sprays out of the toilet when you flush, and since our bathroom is the size of a closet, everything is contaminated by that spray.

I choose not to think of that.

But once I knew my hand towel was being actively used for other things, I bought two new ones. I didn't buy lovely ones, I shopped the clearance, and I bought a color that we do not own already. I held up the two new brown towels to each member of my family and said, "These two brown towels are to be used for drying hands. I never want to see them anywhere but on the shelf waiting to be hung, or hanging on the hand towel rack."

I very clearly stated no standing on them after a shower, no using them to mop up an overflowing toilet, no wiping up any kind of spill what so ever.

Yesterday when I went to take the old towel off the rack and hang the new one, there was no new one. I knew without a doubt it was upstairs, and so it was, being used to clean up water.

"Just water," my son said. "No big deal."

This is why I can't have nice things. It's only water this time, next time it could be dog pee. Folks, when visiting my house, you might be better off just drying your hands on your jeans. Sorry!

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  1. Yuck. But I can't point fingers because the towels at my house are used for much worse things!