Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Trouble With Morning

The trouble with Morning is that it comes too early.

Maybe if Morning started later in the day, I'd like it more. As it is, when the alarm starts buzzing, I am filled with dread. Oh, no. That time again? Morning, I hate you.

Thanks to Jerry Seinfeld, I understand what the problem is. It is, in part, due to the fact that when it's Night, and Night Guy is in charge, I stay up late. I don't worry about Morning Guy being tired, or having to shuffle bleary eyed into the kitchen, too tired to do much more than pour a cup of coffee and sit.

Granted, Night Guy has had four nights in a row where he ruled the roost. Usually, I don't stay up so late night after night, but Friday was the homecoming game, then Saturday was the homecoming dance; both of which required me to be awake to ferry kids back home. Sunday night was the Walking Dead, and I did watch it, and did get freaked out, and after 11, I had to watch a bit of fluff TV to settle down and not think a Zombie was trying to get into my room. And last night we had company over, and a great, late, night was had by all.

So now it is Tuesday Morning, and oy. What on earth is Night Guy thinking? Morning Guy would start a rumble, but there isn't enough coffee in the house to get that kind of energy flowing.

Tonight, I swear, tonight Night Guy will be in bed close to 10. And Night Guy will not read in bed or flip through the channels to find something super interesting to start watching. Night Guy will pull up the covers and roll over into Sleeping Guy.

I think Morning Guy and Night Guy agree on this; Sleeping Guy needs to take a turn at being in charge.

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  1. Or you could be Morning Guy from Friends who wakes up singing everyday. I was once again in bed at 9:00, but glad I was when M woke up at 3:30 this morning.