Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And Now Back To The Saga Of Dish Washing

My only woe of dish washing is that I am always splashing water on myself.

In fact, yesterday as I washed dishes and created a huge tidal wave that slopped over the rim of the sink and soaked my shirt, I wondered if there will ever be a time when I don't get wet while I do the dishes.

When I was a kid, I couldn't help but get wet. My sleeves would unroll and trail in the sudsy water, I didn't understand how much splash back would get me when I dropped silverware in, I would get sprinkled as I shook the excess water off tupperware.

But I am a grown up who has been washing dishes in my own home for 18 years....I'd have thought by now I'd know how to keep dry! Not so much.

I'm not too keen on getting as wet as I end up, but Olive Badger hates it more. I try to tell her she should not sit at my feet as I wash dishes. Water is going to land on her, she will get wet.

She still takes up position as soon as I do, and with the first splash of water, she looks at me with her brown puppy eyes full of accusations. The only thing stopping her from taking the rag and showing me how it's done properly is her lack of thumbs.

That, and I say she has to use a rag. Licking a plate clean is so not okay.


  1. I seem to always end with a wet ring around my middle. Not attractive and makes me feel like I need to change my outfit, but since it is late at night that seems silly. I have a whole sink of dishes waiting, but I am reading blogs instead. Priorities.

  2. I just finished washing my dishes and at least had the good sense to change clothes first. Maybe we just love LOTS of hot, soapy water!