Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Late Night Literary Genius

I don't know how other people come up with ideas of what to write, but mine come to me at anytime. If I can get to the computer, I'll log on and write down the thoughts I had. If I'm at work, I will scribble fast and furious on a scrap of paper.

If it is nighttime, after bed time, I have two choices. I can try writing it down on a pad of paper, without the light on, and hope in the morning that the weird, scrawly words mean something to me. Or I can think the idea is so obvious and relevant to something in my life that of course I won't forget it. I will come up with a brilliant first line and go on to have the first paragraph all mapped out, certain that I will remember this fantastic piece of literary genius, because how could I not?

And of course, I can't. I don't remember it at all except for the knowledge that the topic was perfect and the paragraph flowed so smoothly I impressed myself.

Now, all of this is according to my sleep stupid brain, late in the night, when the house is dark and still, the only sound to be heard is the snores of my down for the count hubby, and I am on the edge of sleep. It seems so brilliant! But since I've tried talking to my husband when he is sleep stupid, and he's not so brilliant, I am trying to tell myself that the same is true of me.

My brilliant idea was probably along the lines of "See Spot Run," and it isn't really the great blog post that got away.

I can't be convinced. I will keep the pad by the bed and will string crazy words together so I wake up in the morning and do a Jerry Seinfeld..."I can't read this! Ful-hel-mo-nen-ter-val? I got up last night, I wrote this down, I thought I had this great bit. Wait a second, wait a second.... 'Fax me some halibut.' Is that funny? Is that a joke?"

I will study my sleep stupid writing and wonder. Is this a blog idea? Or the start of a grocery list?

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  1. I have had a similar experience, except I never think to actually write them down! I just assume the vague idea will be there again tomorrow. Now it is just finding the time to write!