Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Bug In The Glow

I see you, bug, flitting around in the glow of the TV, as I lie comfy and cozy in my bed, settled in nicely for the night. You bounce off the screen again and again, then disappear into the darkness of my unlit bedroom.

I am settled in for the night. The fan is on, the lights are off. The alarm is set, the water bottle is full. And I am so tired, my eyes are burning with the need to close.

But just as I'm ready to shut off the TV and pull the covers up to my ears, I see you, tiny harmless bug, and I am too tired to shoo you out of the room, but not too tired to obsess over whether or not you are a moth.

I sure hope you aren't a moth.

You probably are a moth.

Your wings seem to flutter very moth like as you throw yourself against the TV. Your intense attraction to the light is very moth like too.

Now for the momentous decision: am I too scared of what a moth will do to me as I sleep or am I too tired to get up?

I am too tired. Besides, if the covers pulled up to my ears protects me from the monsters in my closet, I'm sure it protects against marauding moths loose in the night.

1 comment:

  1. HATE moths. I also hate the giant house spiders that come running out of the pile of clothes I just picked up off the floor!