Friday, October 28, 2011

To The Guy Who Disrespects Waffles

I've said it before and I'll probably say it lots more: I love waffles. I love watching butter melt into the perfect square divets, I love swirling syrup onto those golden lovelies, and the first bite, OMG. So good!

This morning after my husband and I returned from an hour long dog walking adventure, he suggested that waffles would make a lovely late morning breakfast. You don't have to twist my arm, I agree!

The kids and their friends that slept over were still sleeping (might have something to do with staying up till 3am) and it was just the two of us and three dogs who might have a love of waffles that rivals my own.

My husband brought out the first four squares, two for each, and I slathered the butter on, and drizzled the syrup and felt like throwing up a little when my husband went for the molasses.

Yes. Molasses on his waffles.

I was thankful I had finished eating before he got out the cinnamon sugar.

There is something so disrespectful about molasses and cinnamon sugar put on waffles. Maybe a little strawberry jam, but molasses and cinnamon sugar? No. Not cool.

However, to the same guy who is rude to waffles, I thank you. You made delicious waffles, and even if your choice of toppings is beyond my taste, I am thankful you made waffles in the first place! It was not a cold cereal kind of morning.

It was a waffle kind of morning, obviously!

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