Monday, October 31, 2011

Peanuts In A Jar

I buy a jar of lightly salted, dry roasted peanuts every time we do our big grocery shopping trip. It roughly works out to a jar every two weeks. I also buy some lightly salted cashews, plain almonds and if I'm feeling saucy, a jar of salted out the yin yang sunflower seeds.

But peanuts are by far the favorite go to snack of everyone in the family. No peanut allergies for us!

Last shopping trip, my husband was Horrified (with a capitol H) to see the glass jar of peanuts was now a plastic jar of peanuts. He ranted and raved, talking about if beer came in plastic bottles and how "They" tried that and people didn't like it because the beer just didn't taste right...

I finally said, "Alright, Old Man, that's enough ranting for one day. Save some for tomorrow," which of course earned me a look of exasperation and head shaking. The peanuts in the plastic jar are ruined, and that is the end of that. I did my own head shaking, because glass or plastic, who cares? It's the same exact brand, same exact lightly salted goodness, the same exact thing.

My son and his friends were also Horrified by the plastic bottle and when the old jar was empty, they emptied the plastic bottle peanuts into the empty glass jar and tossed the offending container in the recycling.

I really wish they hadn't done that.

Because my husband is right. Gasp! I know, but it's true. The peanuts that have been in the plastic bottle just don't taste right. They taste like, well, like plastic. So much so that if I had the original plastic bottle, I'd call the customer service number to say, "Hey, Mr Peanut, your peanuts in the plastic jar do not taste good. They taste bad. Please send me a coupon."

I will of course, use the coupon to buy more peanuts. Maybe something in a can if I can't get a glass jar.

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