Sunday, October 16, 2011

How Much Zombie Is Too Much?

My husband and kids are fans of all things zombie and paranormal. Me, not so much.

When I was little, my sister and I accidentally saw a tiny portion of the movie Poltergeist and spent that night with our eyes on the window and our heads firmly in the glow of the night light.

I've never really gotten over it.

I do not understand how the rest of my family likes scary movies. I get freaked out by Ghost Hunters on TV, and the kids have been known to ask if something is too much for me. If they are asking, it probably is.

After the initial fright of Shawn Of The Dead and Zombieland, I came around and like those movies, but those are the only two zombie movies, and they both happen to be super funny.

But The Walking Dead....I watched the first season with the family, and was excited to see the second season premier tonight.....I just don't know now. Ten minutes in, and my heart is pounding and I'm about to jump out of my skin!

How much zombie is too much? Oh, I'd say the first time I think tactically when the characters on the show are not and I know a zombie horde is sneaking up on the group and why oh why are they not being more careful and where is that child's parents and OMG ZOMBIE RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!, that is when it's too much.

That is when it is time for me to find my book and start thinking about how the heroine is going to solve the mystery and catch the hero. No zombies input needed.

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  1. No zombies at all! I couldn't even watch Celebrity Ghost Stories with Leah. I hate all scary movies, I scare myself enough as it is!