Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Buns Are Burning!

So to complete a trifecta of posts about food (it would seem I've been hungry the last three mornings I've been writing), here is a true story of burning buns.

Yesterday was Halloween. I woke up with a sore throat and as the day dragged on, dragging me behind it, I knew I wasn't up to driving down to Seattle to trick or treat with my nephews. This is the first Halloween I haven't and I missed them so much! Besides, staying home wasn't me vegging on the couch in a pile of crumpled tissue and cooling cups of tea.

It was me coming home from work and learning I was feeding extra kids and trying to figure out how I was going to stretch a soup meant for our family (and by that I mean it was a made up, thrown together soup that looked like it would fill four bowls and for just our family it was fine, but for company it was lacking) and the kitchen was a mess and the house seemed filled with extra coats and shoes and clothes and lets not even start talking about the candy wrappers already littering every surface!

I made an intense study of the end of the paycheck cupboards and came up with nothing special to add, either to the soup or to the table. Okay, un-special things were going to have to work. The last of the lettuce for salad, cut up apples and Asian pears, and wait! I have hot dog buns in the freezer. In a pinch, hot dog buns make nice garlic bread sticks.

I whip up the butter and garlic, I toast the buns, I spread the butter on the warm bread and toss it back in the oven to brown up.

And here is where a universal truth made itself hideously known to me.

The more I am depending on toasted up garlic bread to flesh out a meal for a bunch of people, the more likely it is that I will forget to check it, burning it beyond redemption and filling the house with the smell burnt toast.

At least it was Halloween, and I was sending the kids out trick or treating. They didn't stay un-full for long!

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  1. And those kids didn't care one bit that the bun were burned! It was Halloween and candy awaited them! Cheers to you, though, for making the effort (even being sick) to feed your children's friends!