Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good Morning Cup Of Coffee

When I woke up this morning, I could hear the rain splattering against the window. Within 15 minutes of waking, it changed from a tap tap tap to the forceful sound of a full blast of hose water slamming the glass. We peeked outside and yes, it was raining that hard. The wind blew rain spray across the porch, into the house and we knew walking was out of the question this morning.

So it's pouring down rain, the street is a mini swollen creek bed, and we aren't walking.

I set my sights on the next good thing of my morning: a cup of coffee. I wasn't always a coffee lover, and even when I became a liker of coffee, it was sweet, milky mochas that got my attention. But through the years, a cup of black coffee has become a desired treat. No frills needed, just me and my mug of coffee, and the morning is back on track.

I will hold my cup in my hands as I stare outside at the wet mess that awaits me (ala a coffee commercial) and think on what I will wear to work today.....but that line of thoughts will derail my on track morning. I'll just sip my coffee and think happy coffee thoughts for a bit longer.

There is half a pot left, and an hour till I leave for work......

1 comment:

  1. That is exactly what I thought of when reading - - a coffee commercial! I could picture you staring out the window with your hands wrapped around your coffee cup, just smiling and enjoying the view :)