Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Amazing Expanding Christmas Tree

Somehow our family has fallen into the tradition of getting our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. We didn't do this when we were kids, but in our grown up years, with the addition of husbands and kids, we all drive out to a tree farm, four cars, three dogs, five kids, two teenagers, 8 adults, and we all manage to find the perfect tree.

This year we went to a new tree farm, and while it didn't have a stone fireplace for a picturesque group photo, it has perfect tree after perfect tree after perfect tree. Which is a very good thing, since we are looking for four perfect trees.

I was the last to cut mine down. We'd find a good one, but then I'd look to my left or to my right or back the way I'd just walked and spy a tree that looked even better. So we'd leave one or both of our teens standing by the good tree and go look at the other good tree. Then we'd call the kids over and say okay, this new good tree is actually the perfect tree. This process happened five or six times. When we ended back at a tree we'd stood by before, I said just cut it down. My feet were soaked, everyone else had their tree and I was ready to have mine. Of course, after that ringing endorsement of it's perfection, I had doubts all the way home.

We get it inside, and it is very clear: it is perfect.

My only questions is, how did it grow so much on the drive home? I don't remember it being so tall or wide or huge at the tree farm.....
My big, perfect (amazing, expanding) tree!


  1. What a beautifully perfect tree! We normally get ours the Friday after Thanksgiving but didn't this year. I just took my daughter to meet her ride back to college and my son is going back in a couple hours. I'm sad and now don't know when we'll get our tree :(

  2. Ah, yes, the expanding tree phenomenon. Every year, I counsel myself to remember that the tree looks much smaller out in the wide open than it will in the confines of our cramped living room. Every year, I get a tree that is moderately sized on the lot and it miraculously doubles in size when we are struggling to get it in the door at home.

    Hubby is much better at these spatial things than I am--and is even known to carry a tape measure just about everywhere. Maybe this year, I'll take his word for it. :)