Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Start To Our Accordion Adventure

As my son and husband pursued their passion for guitar, and my daughter devoted all her time to piano, I joked we could start a family band, except I didn't want to be the tamborine player in the group. I said instead, I'd get an accordion and play it. Accordions seem to be a lost art, similar to a family band concept, and the two would go together perfectly.

My husband said okay. He'd buy me an accordion. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's slow this roll. I have zero musical talent. I'd take PE over music class any day of the week, and my year of piano lessons is seared in my mind as the worst experience of my life. Let's not waste money on an accordion I have no idea how to play, and let's not forget the aforementioned lack of musical talent.

But I appreciated the thought. How lovely to have a husband who is so into pursuing dreams and interests, he'd buy an accordion just on the off chance that I might enjoy it.

A few weeks ago, my Grandma mentioned in a casual "you don't know anyone who needs an accordion do you?" way that she knew of someone who was giving away an accordion. I do know someone, actually, who wants an accordion. Me!

I've had numerous second and third and fourth and fifth thoughts, none louder than the ones I thought as I looked at the accordion in my house, in my possession, in my care. What was I thinking? I don't know anything about accordions! And I have realized I have no desire to strap that heavy thing on and give it a whirl.

All is not wasted. I might have changed my mind and think a tamborine is just perfectly suited for my skill level, but my husband and kids and kid's friends are all wild about the accordion. It has been pulled out of the case and played and google searches done on "how to play an accordion" and "songs for the accordion" and it is a much loved hit.

This morning I heard my son and his friends planning....one of them needs to learn to play this so they can walk around the street fairs as a roving minstrel band.

Awesome. I'll be there with the tamborine.


  1. That is awesome! Nothing better than strolling musicians playing the accordian and tambourine - - seriously!

  2. Ha! Was it from Merc? Now this is when I need to live in Arlington!