Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Albatross Room Gets A Floor

Our bonus room, that albatross room around our neck, has taken a huge step towards being complete! The new floor is installed, swept and mopped. Oh what joy, what bliss! All of our furniture has been moved out of the damp garage and back into the room. Ah, happiness!

The walls still are a work in progress, but the room is usable as is, evidenced by the kids. When I came home from work last night, four teenagers were sprawled out on the furniture, playing play station games, eating chips, having a good time.

When I went up to say goodnight to my kids, they were both in the bonus room doing their homework.

When we first moved in, and we stood on the bouncy floor in the extra room, with it's brick chimney and torn linoleum floor, this is exactly what I imagined: a hangout for our kids. A room for them to watch movies, play video games, do homework and just be.

It's already messy and that's totally okay with me. It's the mess of a room well used, instead of how it used to be....messy with unused junk and years of grimy dust. I'll take the mess of today, thank you!


  1. Ah, the albatross room...we have several of those--various works in progress. They're making me a little crazy.

  2. Everybody needs a room like that! A place the kids like to hang out! Nice!

  3. J. is thrilled to be at your house tomorrow, and to see this new room!