Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why I Started Blogging

Four years ago I started my blog. Our family was in the midst of chaos, with my husband gearing up to deploy to Cuba and I was feeling adrift. It's hard to say goodbye to your best friend and know that months will elapse before you see him again.

I knew we'd have more communication lines open than we did when he was in Kuwait at the start of the war. We'd have regular email and snail mail and phone calls. But I felt the need to have something else, some place where I would write funny things I'd usually tell my husband at the end of our day.

So I started a blog. Secretly at first, just sharing it with my husband. I was half embarrassed by my need to write more. I mean, I was emailing and writing letters daily. How much writing did I need to do? My blog started to take the place of my journal and I shared it with my sisters and mom and mother in law and it trickled out from there. I posted several times a month, but never thought I could do it every day. Did I really have something to write about daily?

Turns out, I do! My husband still is my number one follower and there are mornings that his laughter over something funny I've posted literally makes my day better. I like blogging, I like posting my words and thoughts online for others to read. And now that I've posted daily for two months, it feels like part of my morning routine to do so. I will even put down my book (regardless of if I am a few pages from the end) to have time to write before work.

Now, that is commitment to blogging!

I'm going to continue posting daily. I may have started this blog as another way to write to my husband, but I'm blogging now because I have a plethora of words and ideas rolling around in my mind and I can't rest until I pour them out. I might not always be witty and funny, but I personally think I'm always interesting!

Dear Readers, thanks for thinking so too!


  1. I have to agree with you - - you ARE always interesting! So glad you decided to keep on writing . .

  2. Hi I'm Frances and I found you on the NaBloPoMo blogroll. This is my second attempt at leaving a comment - we know how it gets online.
    I got misty-eyed when I read that your husband is your number one follower.
    And I'll be mentioning you at my blog. simplyfrances(dot)com It's not a blogger blog so you won't find it on the profile attached to my Google.
    Waving at you from New York

  3. i LOVE your blog, your refreshing candidness, and you do have a gift with your words. I agree with all of what you said..except i can't do pizza every day!! I hate it actually, had a bad one once; the onions and puked a few days, all orifices actually, lost weight i didn't want to and vowed never to eat it again..and haven't! Don't miss it either!! LOL isn't that horrid?? hehe

    Great to meet you and looking fwd to reading more; blogher is great aye?