Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where Is My.....?

My husband is the worst looker for things in the history of the world.  When he casually glances around, and doesn't see what he's looking for, he immediately gives up.  It's stolen, he'll say.  It's gone forever, he'll state.  I will respond with the usual query, "Have you looked?"

Humph!  Of course he's looked.  He's got eye balls that work.  Gee Whiz!  The thing is, I'm not too sure he's looking or his eyes work.

His iPod that was missing for days, and he even told his Mom in a long distance phone call that it was gone, gone, gone, was actually in his sweatshirt pocket.  I looked there first and found it.  His truck keys were once missing for ages.  We all looked around the house and just when I was thinking yes, they are gone, I went back to the key rack, realized my daughters open backpack was propped up, open, ready to catch anything that fell and sure enough. there was his key.

He also was searching a gravel parking lot awhile back, looking for his work key that he was positive fell out of the truck one late night.  Our son found that key in the truck where it had been the whole time.

But this morning takes the cake!  My husband comes to the table with his cereal and coffee, sets it down in his place, then goes off looking for something.  As his cereal gets soggy, he finally asks, "Babe, have you seen my book?"

The book that is sitting right by your breakfast?  That book?  The one in plain sight, not buried under paper or sitting behind the flower vase?  Yes, I think I know where it is.


  1. Oh Michelle! I seriously believe it's a guy thing! Annoying, yes. But a guy thing. My husband does the same thing. Can't find it? One of the kids took it. "Do you know where my shoes are?" Well, I answer, the last time I wore your shoes, I put them back. I could go on and on. Just gotta love 'em anyway :)

  2. Judy, I was TOTALLY going to say it's a guy thing, too. Then I remembered that I walked back out to my van after I got home today to look for my phone--the phone which I was carrying in my hand while I was looking for my phone. Ugh. I still think my husband definitely does it WAY more than I do, though.

    Michelle, I gave you the Liebster award. You can read about it here:

    Don't feel obligated to play along on my account--just consider it a little unconditional bloggy love. :)

  3. Ha! I believe that I am married to the same
    'Who stole my remotes??????' he booms at least once a week. This sends the three sons scurrying to locate said remotes. We tease him relentlessly about his 'lack of looking' skills.
    'Hey hon...where's my keys?'
    My salty response...
    'I don't know. I wasn't using them.'
    Good times...Ha!

    Merry Christmas, and thanks for stopping by the 12 Days of Christmas Reading Gift List and Giveaway! Authors will be contacting winners in the next few days (with Christmas, it may take a few...)

  4. Not just a guy thing - I have historically not been able to find things for myself. Last night I left work and had to turn around to go back and fetch my cell phone. Joked about it with a co-worker in fact (ha ha, have to check and make sure its not actually in my hand...) only to find it in my coat pocket. Sheesh!

    On the other hand, I can find ANYthing "lost" by my children. Go figure.

    My dad always does this stuff too, but his immediate reaction is "Mary (my mom), what did you do with my ____" She just rolls her eyes - my mother is too kind!

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    I look forward to hearing from you and (announcer voice on) thanks for playing! :-)