Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dining In The Sky

There are parts of the Pacific Northwest that are so normal and everyday to me, they fade into the background.  The Space Needle.  Pike Place. Mt Rainier.  Starbucks.  I have taken the view in from the top of the Space Needle.  I have walked through Pike Place.  I have see the brilliant sunshine reflecting off the white caps of Mt Rainier.  I'll take Starbucks over a regular cup of Joe, anytime.

But I get so used to seeing those things, to claiming them as parts of my backyard, it is easy to lose the awe they actually can inspire.  (Okay, maybe Starbucks doesn't inspire awe, but when you are mocha deprived, in the wild backwoods of our lovely country, and you stumble upon a Starbucks, believe me, it is Awesome!)

For Christmas this year, my husband suggested we buy ourselves a date.  Not just dinner and a movie, but something really special.  We usually do a dinner cruise around the Sound when we are feeling the need to spiff up and be romantic, but that wasn't special enough.  My husband came back with the idea of dining at the top of the Space Needle.

I'd never thought to do that.  I'm not a tourist!  Isn't that a tourist thing to do?

Well, if it is, I don't care.  We started our night with a quick visit to my new puppy niece (she's so freaking cute it was hard to leave without her!) and then we made our way to the Space Needle.  Valet parking saved us our usual fight over parking, we checked in and got our beeper, then went up to the observation deck.  My husband wanted to go outside and walk around, but I said not before dinner.  After dinner I wouldn't care what the wind did to my hair!  

The view is spectacular.  The city is decked out with Christmas lights and it has a magical look about it.  We were very lucky to be seated by a window for dinner.  As the room rotated, we got to take in all of the beauty of the city and her lights and decorations.  The food was spectacular, and in spite of my inclination to get sea sick, car sick, and motion sick, I did not get sick with the rotation or with the swaying that happens at the top of Space Needle (seriously, it was really windy last night).  

We ate too much, of course, and when our plates were set down, we both felt like we were Padma and Tom from Top Chef.  It was so much fun!  And after dinner, and a dessert that is a Space Needle secret (everyone should get one and just suffer through the embarrassment for the sake of saying you've had it!), we walked out onto the outer deck, and it was very cold and windy and I was worried that my skirt was going to flip up, but it was so worth it.

Maybe this new year should be a year of experiencing the PNW for all the greatness it possesses, and not just letting things be a landmark I check off as I drive home.  I'm kind of excited about that!  First up on my list of things I'd like to see is the Beckstrom Log Cabin in Bothell.  And on the way there, we could stop at Starbucks......


  1. I'm with you totally on this one, Michelle. We may be east of the Cascades, but still love Seattle and the coast and all its offerings. And Portland. Love Portland!

  2. I want to know what you ate for dinner! I looked up the menu and picked my favorites. I was wondering why I couldn't find the dessert menu. Love that you went there and had such a good time!

  3. Oh that sounds so much fun! I love Seattle, and I can't get over the beauty the West Coast offers. I don't care if we've been, and will be here for such a short time only. I'm glad I got to enjoy it for a while.

  4. The touristy thing--it's so funny to me I never really take advantage of all my area has to offer until someone is visiting from out of town and I'm trying to show them a "good time." I like your idea of basking in all your local area has to offer.