Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Third Verse, Same As The First

What on earth is going on with our dogs this year?  They are determined to spend this holiday season sick as, well, sick as dogs.  First our youngest dog ate chocolate.  Then our oldest dog spent all of one night crying and barking to be let out, and every time we let her out, she tried to eat garbage in such an obsessive fashion that we were positive she was out of her mind.  But let's make it a trifecta, with our middle problem-less dog being a problem.

It's 4:30am again, and once again my husband and I were up with a sick dog.  She's running in and out her dog door, she's barking, she's playing, she's puking, she's back to running, and finally, at 6:00, she crawls under the covers of our bed and falls asleep.

But by 6:00, I'm wide awake and so is my husband.  We drink coffee, talk, and watch a National Geographic show all about the African Painted Dog, because we are that dog crazy, and then fell asleep on the couch, waking up to find a different show on, all about a leopard who couldn't catch a break or an impala.

While it's been fun, and tells a good story, 4:30am and sick dogs are starting to wear on me.  That's a good thing because my sister showed off pictures of her new puppy (Elsie Henrietta Ice-Cream) and I had felt the faint brush of that crazed urge for a puppy.....

That urge died at about 4:45 this morning!


  1. I love that - "leopard who couldn't catch a break"! haha. I am sorry your dogs have been sick, though, and that you are sick of getting up early :) Hope they're all better.

  2. Poor pups! Hope they all get well soon. For your sake as well as theirs. (:

  3. Ha! I knew it! This may be the first puppy that we've had that I can even begin to understand your crazy love for your pups!!

  4. We are currently a three-dog household. Puppies are adorable--from a distance. :)