Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why I Don't Need Another Puppy

I don't need another puppy, but not for the obvious reason of having three dogs already, and if I get one more I start tipping the scale to the wrong side of being a hoarder.  No, the reason I don't need another puppy is the simple fact that our home is overrun with teenage boys, and they are really like big puppies.  I get my puppy fix by watching them trip over each other while they wrestle around, just like a litter of puppies.

I've tried to not be too mothering as the kids got older, to tamp down my natural mom senses and my desire to make sure they are tucked in all warm and cozy.  When they have friends over, bedtime is usually so far past my wakefulness, I couldn't go tuck them in even if I was in a mind to.  I had worried a little over how they were sleeping, who had the bed, who was on the fold out couch, did they have enough blankets and pillows....

That worry is not necessary for the boys.  They stay up so late, sitting on the couch and floor, that when they start falling asleep, they usually sleep where they drop, all together in a pile.  Someone will pull a blanket over them and they call it good, kind of reminds me a  litter of puppies.

My teenage boys are boisterous, mischievous, sweetly tempered bundles of three-quarters grown energy.  I don't need to add another living thing to our house that will find things to do that are accidentally destructive.  They boys are taking care of that!  And they are just so darn cute, it's hard to stay mad when they look at me with their big eyes....

I'm just a sucker for puppies and cute kids, I guess!


  1. haha! I never thought of comparing my boys to puppies, but now I can see it! Everytime I look at them from here on I will think of that comparison :)

  2. I say we need a puppy ... somehow my parents don't seem to agree .. they think we're a handful enough .. Victor and I don't agree.

  3. Good to know as I will have 3 high school boys living in my house, one day soon! But we are still going to get a puppy because we are crazy like that!

  4. Sweet times, they will become sweet memories. Thanks for sharing.