Tuesday, December 27, 2011

For Whom The Dogs Bark

Hey, you girls walking a muzzled dog, if you are wondering what the three dogs in our yard are barking at so frantically and intensely and so loudly, it's, um, it's you.  Stopping to ponder why two Beagles and ball of fluff Badger are barking  is actually going to make things worse.

Ah, yes.  There we go!  Increased volume, which I didn't think possible, and a pitch that borders on too high.

While I am not an expert dog walker, I've been doing it for some time, with three dogs to boot, and what I know is I never, ever, stop or slow down when I'm by a house where a dog resides.  And I know where all those houses are on our route.

I know you girls know three really barky dogs live here.  Please, it's too early to get them in a frenzy.  Please, just walk on.  Drag your dog away if you have to, but please, move on!

Oh.  You are trying to pick up after your dog, in the dark, with one of those bags that won't open no matter how you fiddle with it.  Well then.  Carry on.

And, thank you!


  1. doggy poop gives everything a whole new perspective, doesn't it?!

  2. I am here, via Masked Mom's Liebster awards, and I walk three dogs every morning too. One difference is that I live five miles up a dirt road, and never have to worry about a pedestrian walking a dog past my house. I may see a bob-cat or fox, or a herd of deer, but no dogs. When you walk three dogs, there is one more dog than [at least for me] there is hands, so something has to give, and I just keep hoping it is not my knee. :)