Friday, December 16, 2011

My Messy Bedroom

I've been feeling slightly guilty that I posted about my daughters messy, messy room, when my own bedroom is in fact the messiest room in the entire downstairs of our home. I am all about fairness and to be fair to her, I will admit that my room is a disaster only slightly better than hers because you can see my floor. I tend to make a mess on top of things.

I never seem to find time to put my clothes away so they stack up on my dresser. My desk, which I really wish was not in my room but is way too big to get through the doorway of our newly floored bonus room, is the catchall of everything. Found a pair of scissors? Put it on my desk. A scrap of paper I think I might need later? My desk. All my photo's and scrap booking things are collecting dust (I resolve right now to get caught up with that project in the new year). My vanity has rubber bands, hair clips and claws, headbands strewn all over it, and also an insane amount strands of lost hair everywhere, but I can never find the right hair accessory when I need it.

And I won't even get started on how I never hang my necklaces back up, just leave them to tangle in a serpentine mess.

If I'm being honest, and today I feel like I should be, my daughter comes by her messy room honestly. She's watched me follow my own rule for her, which is, the bedroom mess is fine as long as I can close the door and hide it from company!

Last I checked, the door still closes perfectly.


  1. I seriously laughed out loud as I read this - - welcome to the messy room club :)

  2. Haha. ..happens to me too! It drives me to utter frustration. But I tend on getting caught up during the weekend. Usually at least.

  3. It's always great seeing our "faults" mirrored back at us in our children, isn't it? I wrote a piece YEARS ago about my oldest son's habit of putting things in his mouth that didn't belong there (drawstrings, collars, toys, etc)--a habit I practiced regularly throughout childhood and still have to regularly restrain myself from doing.

  4. Oh the dirty little secrets that lie behind closed doors! Actually I wrote a short blog about how bad secrets can be, so I stopped closing the door. The mess kind of spilled over to the rest of the house anyway!