Saturday, December 3, 2011

If Any Of You Hobo's Touch My Stuff

If any of you Hobos touch my stuff, I'll kill you. Or rather, I'll have my husband kill you. Especially if you are looking particularly bite-y. I'm all for catching fellow spider brethren and setting them free outside (I'm talking to you Daddy Long Legs, even though you creep me out to the max) but for the biggest spider I've seen (maybe ever in this house), you are toast.


When my son beckoned me into the bathroom right after he turned on the shower, I was hesitant. Rightly so. This is what I saw. Minus the pencil, that was added later for dramatic effect.
Of course, I did what I am allowed to do, I ran to the bedroom and told my fearless (except when it comes to spiders and then he becomes courageous because of how much he dislikes spiders and still takes care of the problem) husband that he had to, absolutely, positively, must get up. Right now. We have a situation!

He takes a peek and says "Get the camera!" which is our response to most giant spider sightings. We are freaked out, but lets let the spider enjoy some limelight before we smash it.

It's hard to tell here, but it has all the markings of a female Hobo spider. Those things are not good to have hanging around in the house. My husband said it's been nice living here, but we've got to torch the place. (He really, really hates spiders). We all danced around the house and cringed when something as innocent as a dog tail brushed against us.

Even last night, I woke up twitching. My husband asked what was wrong. I said, "Hobo spiders are in bed with us." And he understood. It's the heebee jeebees and I've got it bad. I'd take a shower to wash the heebee jeebees away, but since that is where the Hobo spider was hanging out, I'm a little on edge when I go in there!


  1. I am right there with you, sister! Spiders are not my friends :)

  2. What did J. do? Did you still make him sleep on the floor with the spiders?! Yikes!

  3. I was sitting in my office with the door closed enjoying a quiet moment at work when I felt someone looking at me--I glanced around and saw a gigantic spider on the carpet sitting completely still and I swear, staring directly at me without blinking any of its eight eyes. It was big enough that I didn't want to squish it on the carpet because it would leave a stain so I herded it into a coffee cup, which I covered with a piece of paper.

    I didn't want to just let it go outside without sharing the horror of it with someone so I took it to my co-worker and he squealed like a girl and wouldn't even let me remove the paper to show him what was under it.

    I think the little ones actually bug me more than the big ones. The little ones are quick and darty and unpredictable.