Monday, December 5, 2011

My Voice And The Use Thereof

My voice has called out in friendship, in love, in anger, in defiance. I have used it to praise, to punish, to adore, to defend, to comfort.

I have yelled and screamed and cried until my voice was hoarse. I have whispered kind words and harsh ones. I have spoken up, spoken out, spoken loud. I have shouted with glee, laughed till I cried, and let words of love slip from my lips as easy as breathing.

I have used my voice for 37 years for good and for bad. I wondered today if I will be aware of the change, the creeping in of a quivery note, when I am as old as the hills.

And I hope that when I am as old as the hills, I will look back on my years of noise and be pleased with the love, the kindness, the laughter, the joy, and yes, sometimes the sharpness, that I made with this voice.

Right now I'd just be pleased to sound like a grown up and not a kid with a head cold.


  1. Sorry if you are sick today. J. stayed home from school because he woke up with a crazy cough and a sore throat. Hope you feel better!

  2. Ah, well, I've had a wicked cough for a week. Mostly at night, so our room is a hideous germ fest!

  3. Great thoughts. When we count our blessings, I bet we forget our voices more often than not!

    Hope you feel better!