Monday, December 12, 2011

Tonight I Did Not Want To Cook Dinner

Tonight, I really did not want to cook dinner. I realized half way through my day that I had forgotten to take chicken out to thaw, and the dinner plan kind of hinged on chicken. That meant I'd be making up a plan on the fly, and while some nights I totally rock at that, I knew tonight was not going to be one of those inspiration filled nights.

After a long day, while I was sitting in the freezing cold car waiting for the defrost to kick in, I had time to think about dinner. I thought and thought and thought and thought.....and decided to use up the Costco size bag of potato rolls someone gave us and while I was loving heating them up for lunch and eating 2 with butter melting into their golden yummy-ness, I knew I needed to get the rest of the family to eat them (to save me from myself).

Mini tuna melts, pressed flat on the George Forman Grill (yes, I have one, and yes, I use it exclusively for grilled sandwiches and never for "healthy" cuts of meat) and voila, dinner was served.

And it wasn't bad. But tonight I have neither a Martha or a Mary spirit about me. I'm more like that cranky, crazy lady who storms into the grocery store and demands her money back for the loaf of "fresh baked" bakery bread that baked up lovely on the outside, and a big old hole on the inside, rendering it useless for sandwiches and human use. And yes, that's me too.

I'm on a roll tonight. A potato roll.


  1. Your title is me every night. Don't want to cook dinner :). It's normally just me husband and me - tonight was grilled cheese (no George foreman grill) and soup. Who knows about tomorrow.

    Btw - laughed at your "on a roll .. . Potato roll" :)

  2. I felt that way too, especially since this is my usual soup night! Really, wasn't happy after I cooked and then the boys refused to eat any!