Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oops, I Did It Again

As we were cleaning up from our rocking party last night, my daughter and I ventured out to the parking lot to get a bag from our car. In the dark, I never saw the curb coming and ended up sprawled out on the parking lot, saying "I'm hurt, I'm hurt!" in a ridiculous way.

Now, even at the time I knew this was funny. Ironically funny because I had just been thinking I haven't tripped in almost a year and funny funny because I was lying in a parking space, all togged out in 50's gear, while my poodle skirted daughter stood over me.  That tickled my uninjured funny bone....

But my knees are scrapped (again) and the top of my foot too, both hands (which means I can not under any circumstances wash dishes) and bruises are all ready forming.  It's not bad, really.  I've suffered much worse skinned knee injuries.

I think the best part might be that I'd just shared a story of berry picking with my Mom when I was young, and upon learning she thought she'd heard a bear in the woods, I turned to run and tripped instead (it's a life long affliction) and had a raised scar on my knee for years as a reminder.

Did I need a skinned knee scar reminder of last night's birthday bash?  Nope.  Last night turned out great and I'd have remembered it just fine without any help from injuries!


  1. Sorry about the knees - happy the party rocked!

  2. Ouchy. I don't trip often but when I do, it's pretty spectacular. For example:

    Glad the party was a success, though--and there is definitely something adorable about poodle skirts.