Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Lie Everytime

Every single time I go to the local fabric-craft store, I lie.  As the clerk cuts my fabric, she'll ask what I'm making.  I lie.  At check out, when the clerk is handling all my craft supplies and is curious as to what I'm making, I lie.

I don't know why exactly, it's not like they are stealing my idea. They are just being friendly, helpful, curious people.  And I do not want them up in my business.

Last time I was at the cutting counter, the clerk commented on the amount of fabric I was asking for, as in, this  much can't be right.  It was a little too much, but frankly, I'm not a confident seamstress.  I'm a half-ass one, where I don't understand all the directions and I make things up as I go and so far it's resulted in an awesome Dorothy Gale dress and my daughter using my techniques to make her own poodle skirt.

So, I lied and said I needed the extra for Christmas crafts.

Or when the clerk asked me what all the Christmas notions were for and did I realize that these things on 70% clearance sale are unreturnable....I said I wasn't planning on returning them, I am planning on using them, and they are for a craft for little kids.

It's actually for my kids Christmas gift project.

It's a weird quirk, but after 20 years of doing my own craft shopping and giving half truths every time, I know I'm not going to stop anytime soon.  When I go in with my daughter, I give her a heads up.

I'm going to lie when asked what I'm making.  Forgive me for the bad example I'm setting!  I've got a stamp on the very marrow of my bones that states quite clearly, "Does Not Play Well With Others," and this just falls into that category.


  1. And the thing is, Michelle, they probably don't even really CARE what you're making or why you need so much fabric. They're just conditioned to ask. So, don't feel bad about lying because they're probably not paying attention anyway :)

  2. Michelle - were we separated at birth? When I read this post I felt as if I'd found my twin. I lie to people, too! I'm a prekindergarten teacher. I used to teach 1st grade, but when my state opened the early childhood classes I was excited to move "up" in the faculty chain. But I've gotten comments like, "Do you have to have a degree to do that?" "Aren't you just babysitting?" ...... so many of those comments, that I now LIE when asked what I teach. I will say "Kindergarten" or "First Grade" to avoid the stupid comments.
    I also lie to the men at Lowes. Lowes is a very sexist place for women. I once went in to buy new sand paper discs for my disc sander. And that is all I knew. When the man asked me "100 or 150" I answered "150" When he asked me "8 or 16" I answered "16" I had no idea what those numbers meant (I have since learned) but I was not about to let Mr Lowes teach a little lady about that big noisy tool that is for men only.
    And so yes, I lie. I always say that I don't lie to "real" people, just people I don't know.
    Enjoy your blog