Friday, December 9, 2011

To My Lost Yogurt: Sorry

To my lost yogurt, the one I took to the office last week but didn't eat, I am sorry. I have lost you. Either you are buried in the back, behind bags and containers filled with questionable food like substances, or someone stole you even though you were clearly marked with my name or possibly the worse scenario, I ate you and just don't remember.

I packed my lunch today thinking of the peach yogurt I'd left at work, and counting on said yogurt to fill in for my sweet tooth's demands. But when I looked in the fridge, lost yogurt, you were gone. I was too scared of the rumors of bad smells (I was holding my breath) to stand there for too long with the door open and I was wearing too short of a skirt to bend down and really dig through the leftovers.

So, dearly missed lost yogurt, I closed the fridge, ate my half sandwich, my apple, and about 4 mint cookies someone brought to the office, fuming at the fridge mess, fuming at the possibility that someone took you and enjoyed your peachy goodness, silent at the idea that I might have eaten you last week. Like on Friday? When I was hungry after lunch? I can't remember and so I will be quiet and not throw crazy yogurt stealing accusations around the office water cooler.

I'll quietly think those crazy accusations, but I won't say them out loud. And if I'm wrong, and if someday an archaeology team unearths my lost yogurt from the depths of the office fridge, well, just take comfort in the fact that you, lost yogurt, were sorely missed this Friday at lunch.

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  1. So funny. I'm sure that has happened to all of us at one time or another. But ask yourself this - if it had been carrots in the fridge instead of yummy delicious peach yogurt, would they still be in the fridge, right where you left them? I think so :)