Monday, November 7, 2011

He Packs A TV

When I was a kid, I'd pack a large suitcase for a one night sleepover at a friends house. Partly, I wasn't too keen on the whole sleepover thing. I'd be up and ready to go home at 7am. My suitcase was filled with clothes I might need and stuffed animals I might want and books I'd read if I was bored.

My son has never been that kind of packer. That became very clear when he was old enough to do his own packing and he wouldn't pack a thing. He'd just take off with his friends, no pajamas, no toothbrush, no clean anything.

It made me crazy! How can he survive like that? My husband just shrugged and told me he was a boy. Boys don't need all that stuff. Our son would be fine. It was only a night, not like he was walking to Alaska with nary a thing packed.

I'm used to it now. But what I'm not used to is what he has decided he needed to start packing.

His TV.

When I was a kid, the TV was a big, bulky thing, with so many wires, and a terrible buzzing noise that gave me a headache if I ever got to close. I tried to imagine myself unplugging wires and lifting our TV just to take to a friends house. Nope. Not even in my wildest imaginings could I see myself doing that!

But my son does. Of course, he has his own TV so it's not like he's taking our family's one and only. And he and his friends have some sort of video game system (yes, I am so out of the video loop I can't even guess what it is) that they hook up and all play together. So I guess having an extra TV is needed?

It's still big and bulky and I was horrified to see how dusty it is, but he is a teenage boy...what does he care about dusting? Listening to the boys talk about the party as I drive them home, TV stowed in the back, the wrestling, the pizza, the video game they'd rigged up, well, I can see why it's worth lugging the TV back and forth. The party was a success, in part to my son's willingness to pack his TV wherever he goes.

I'm more concerned about the wrestling. It almost has a fight club aspect....which of course, means I'm not supposed to talk about!


  1. That sounds just like my now 20 year old! He was always lugging his game system and/or TV off to his friends' houses. When I thought about it, I was really grateful that they were at someone's house playing video games and not somewhere else doing who knows what!!

  2. What party was he going to? I can't imagine him taking his TV with him, that is hilarious!