Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let The Count Down Begin

It is a torrential downpour out there this morning. I knew last night we were in for some wet, cold times, and seeing as how it is November, and I live in the Pacific Northwest, that is to be expected. I realized last night that I have accepted the end of summer.

Yes, it is November. Yes, it took Halloween and a drenching of cold rain for me to accept it, but I have. Summer is over. It's time to look forward to the things fall and winter have to offer.

Turkey and stuffing, Christmas, birthday celebrations, and of course, Spring.

The first day of Spring 2012 is March 20. Only four and a half more months to go.

I can see the glory in a crisp fall morning, I can be awestruck at the red and gold explosion that covers our hills, I can snuggle under a quilt and watch glee the first snow fall. I can do all of that, and enjoy it.

But I'm a warm months kind of gal, and nothing makes me smile more than the first warm spring day, buds budding, weeds sprouting, and the world waking up. Let the count down begin.

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  1. I love the fall and winter and having to snuggle to get warm. But, I totally love the spring and the joy it brings! I'm just not a big fan of heat . . .hence, not a big fan of summer!