Thursday, November 10, 2011

Getting A Gold Star In Frugality

Cutting corners and pinching pennies is not my idea of fun. Staying home and cooking dinner when I really want to be sitting in a booth at the local Mexican restaurant, being served chips and salsa and a margarita, is really a downer. But times are a bit tighter and I have to be a responsible adult and sometimes it isn't too much fun.

Except when it comes to finding a good deal, then I am giddy with joy.

This week, our local grocery store is offering a 10% discount to military families in honor of Veteran's Day. When I saw that, I was excited. 10% is not much, but considering that I buy all of our fresh produce at this grocery store, and fresh produce rarely comes with a coupon, I was thrilled at the idea of adding a bit more savings to our bill.

I went home and found the weekly sales flyer, just curious if other things are on sale that I could combine with the military discount. Yes. Oh, boy, yes. Friday is a big mega sale and about half of the things on sale are things on my list.

The sale price plus the extra 10% off equal a joyful me.

There are times when being frugal seems like a big old pile of denied fun times, but there are other times when being frugal is like getting a gold star from the teacher.

Friday's sale feels like a gold star moment. I can hardly wait!

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  1. Yea for you! I would really love to be one of those "coupon" ladies, who buys hundreds of $ worth of food and the grocery store owes THEM money!

    P.S. I personally think that military families should get that 10% off (or more) EVERY DAY!