Monday, November 28, 2011

Super Glue + Me = Fingers Glued Together

I will start at the beginning. About six months ago, a local housing community held their spring garage sale weekend. I went as always with my sister and my kids and found some great deals, including a ceramic dog wearing a Santa hat and holding a stocking in it's mouth. It was designed to sit on the edge of a shelf with the stocking hanging down. When I set it on my shelf in my room, for safe keeping, I thought this isn't so safe. This puppy is going to be knocked off by kids tossing dirty clothes into the nearby hamper or something of that sort.

I warned everyone that it was there, and to please be careful. And everyone was. Until about a month or so ago, and I was carrying a pile of sheets to the linen half of my closet, and the stocking caught in a fold of sheet and CRASH!

Thankful, the puppy separated into two parts, the stocking having broken off. That can be fixed with superglue. Easy. But since it wasn't Christmas time, I put both pieces aside in a safer place and went on with life.

Yesterday I was setting out Christmas decorations and thought of my Christmas dog. I got out the super glue and within a second of taking the lid off, I had glue on my hand. I succeeded in gluing the two parts back together, but also in gluing my pinkie and ring finger together. Solidly together. To get unstuck, I needed help from my husband and some stinging solvent, and patience.

That did not stop me from trying to super glue a shepherd's head back on later. I did not glue my fingers together that time. I glued my finger to the poor shepherd's head.

I've put the super glue away now. I will either live with broken, headless shepherds or I will ask someone with some better glue skills to help. Super glue and me spells disaster of gigantic proportions!


  1. You have my sympathy--and my empathy. Super Glue has a mind of its own. A much cleverer mind than mine.

  2. Hilarious visual! Thanks for the laugh today! And, by the way, I hope your dog will end up looking like you want it to :)

  3. Ah yes. Been there done that. Was trying to glue something which resulted in my gluing 2 fingers together on hand #1. Then removed the glue covered item from hand #1, which resulted in hand #2 getting stuck to the glue covered item.