Saturday, November 19, 2011

Can I Hold Off Playing Christmas Music?

In my house, holding off playing Christmas music has never been an issue before. Each year I wait until we are putting up the tree, then I break out the CD's and put my favorites on to play and as we decorate the tree, the first songs of the season joyously playing the soundtrack for our night.

But this year, I have an iPod. This year, in anticipation of our Christmas tree hunt happening the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, I have downloaded all my Christmas music to my iPod a week early and have listened to many songs to make sure they were iPod worthy and now I've been bitten by the Christmas music bug and I'm really working hard to NOT play it yet.

Playing Christmas music heralds the start of the season for me, and I love the Christmas season, but I don't like to start it before Thanksgiving. I want to enjoy Thanksgiving and not let it be overshadowed by it's overbearing cousin, Christmas.

So. Holding off. It's just one more week. Not going to play my Christmas music. Out loud.

It may be that a continuous loop of "I'll be home for Christmas" is playing in my head, but that doesn't count as really playing Christmas music.....

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