Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Good Things Highlights

A year ago, my daughter and I sat down at the table and made up jars to hold our daily good things.  It wasn't as daily as we had original thought, but when we opened our jars on New Years Eve and read our good things out loud, taking turns sharing moments that had made our days better, it was astounding.

Our days are filled to the brim with good things, like:

Clean sheets
Erik is home
Date with mom, it's nice to be a kid & have her undivided attention
Blue skies & sunshine so brilliant on a cold morning it hurts
Cousin dance party at #3 nephews birthday, I joined in when All the Single Ladies played
Evening walks with Leah and the dogs
Scrambled eggs for dinner two nights in a row
Our spring break day!  Shopping, movies, food & spending time with Leah, wonderful!
A 50 cent horse puzzle, with all the pieces
Saying 'yes' to Leah's trip to France and seeing her excitement
Date night on a Monday!
Lunch & shopping with "the girls" Mom, Amy, Lisa and me
The spreadsheet of my dreams
Sunday nights when Erik is home, watching The Walking Dead
I opened my door to find a Marine standing at attention-Travis!!!-home for a moment, surprise visit
Breakfast at The Bluebird....always reminds me of going there after our ultrasound said 80% chance of baby girl and we ate breakfast and said Leah is a very good name....

It was such a good thing, such a blessing to read our years worth of blessings, we carefully smoothed flat all those notes, found envelopes to hold them, stored them in our hope chests, and started 2015's good things jars.

First good thing of this year: hearing my name as I was walking the dogs, and turning to see Leah catching up with me.  Walking with her and listening to her stories is the perfect start to this year.

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