Friday, January 25, 2008

To Open Push Here.....Really?

Has anyone ever been able to open a box of Kraft mac and cheese where it says To Open Push Here?

Anyone? Anyone?

I have never. I try, and the harder I try, the more the box bends in. Finally I resort to tearing the top off, piece by piece, but it is glued pretty tight and it ends up being an exercise in why I should stop biting my finger nails and grow them out. I need a bit of nail to slide under the flap to loosen it.

So, Kraft Mac and Cheese, really? Is that really how to open your box of delicious high sodium goodness?

Maybe I'm not pushing on it right. The directions seem easy enough to follow, but it never works for me.

I also might be giving this yellow half circle of mystery way too much thought over the years.

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